5 Things I’ve Stopped Doing That Make My Depression Worse

5 Things I’ve Stopped Doing That Make My Depression Worse

Hello friends!

Since it’s all out on the table these days, I might as well share things that I’ve been guilty of lately. Sometimes depression sucks you into it’s dark hole, sinks it’s teeth in and doesn’t let go. I guess that’s when we give up and learn to live in the darkness, right?


I know more than anyone it’s easier to live in the darkness, but that’s no fun, is it? Sometimes all you can do is crawl in the right direction and improve everyday. You don’t have to leap into being the fucking happiest person on earth but you do need to stop making your depression worse. 

Let’s talk about what makes my depression worse. Hopefully with these tips you’ll crawl a little closer into the light like I’ve been trying to do lately.

Isolating Myself

Let’s talk about balance. All of you that know me, know that I LOVE MY ALONE TIME. I’m an introvert and that’s how I recharge, but wanna know something strange? I’ve learned recently that I actually like being around people who love me. You know, those beautiful souls I surround myself with? 

If I spend too long without seeing my friends and family, my depression gets worse. Why? Because we’re social creatures and no matter how introverted you are, you will thrive more when you foster healthy relationships with others. 

So take that introverts!

Staying Inside All Day

If it weren’t for my dogs, I would probably never see daylight for days. DAYS. There is something really wrong with that. I love the sun but when I’m depressed all I want is to stay under the covers, for like…ever. 

And what instantly raises the spirits?  Sunshine gleaming on my face. But not for too long because I burn like a lobster. It’s a real problem, and all you fair skinned people understand me right? I know I can’t be the only one that shrivels up like a raisin after 30 minutes under our beautiful star.

Not Reaching Out

I’m REALLY guilty of this one, and what I’ve learned about my introverted friends is that they’re just as guilty as I am. 

It’s part of our personality description that we don’t always reply to texts and we keep to ourselves. 

The problem lies when we don’t reach out forever and our friends start thinking we don’t love them anymore! Not reaching out to my friends and family forever makes me feel disconnected and isolated. 

Want to know an easy way to feel more depressed? Never talk to your loved ones again. Sounds miserable right? So don’t do it. 

Chances are, that they’re waiting for you to reach out to them. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and forget that a simple text can change your whole day for the better.

HOMEWORK: Text your best friend, your partner (if you have one) and one family member to tell them you’re thinking of them. Then let me know how you felt after. 

Keeping Everything To Myself

When I keep things to myself, I tend to also believe that no one understands me and I feel alienated. When really, all the people around me will understand and listen. 

No loved one will ever turn you away for confiding in them…unless they’re an asshole. Then maybe we should find a new loved one. 

You’ll be surprised how not alone you are in this world once you open up and share your story with people. 

Settling For Toxic Relationships

The depressed life can be a lonely one, but it’s far better lonely than clutching onto toxic relationships. Toxic relationships add to your stress and depression. Stop making your depression worse by staying with your nasty boyfriend, or that seriously annoying drunk friend you have. 

Drop them and take the time to find those lovely souls out there. There are so many wonderful people out there, you just need to look around a bit. (And stop wasting your energy on people who suck the life out of you).

There you have it, all my secrets. Just kidding! This blog lets me share a whole bunch of shit that I almost don’t have any more secrets! 

So what makes your depression worse?

Share with my in the comments, or go to the “Say Hi” tab and message me privately!

Have a lovely day!