No Explanation Needed-The End.

6 Things That Require No Explanation-The End.

I have been going through some new growth lately. That growth has involved some serious guts! And by guts I mean, trusting my own instinct. Learning when to listen to my intuition, and most importantly, not feeling obligated to share my explanation and motivation behind every little decision I make about my life.

This post is going to give you a list of things you don’t ever need to explain to anyone else.


Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that when I’m unsure about a decision or when I feel I need validation from someone, I dive deep into explaining my situation to them. I hope for reassurance and their opinion so I learn if I’m on the right track or not. Have you found yourself doing this?

This is wrong.

What’s most important about your decisions is that you make them because YOU know it’s best for yourself. We live in the age of technology and social media; we are constantly considering others’ opinions of ourselves first and ignoring our intuition.

If you want to be truly happy with yourself, you will listen to your gut and trust that YOU know what’s best for yourself. And when you’re sure of your decisions and need no validation, there is no need for an explanation. Plus you come off as more confident and people believe you.

Here’s my list of things you don’t ever have to explain to people. Take a mental note, and just be yourself without feeling obligated to explain why. You are you, because you want to be. That’s all you need.

6 Things That Require No Explanation-The End.

Your dreams

Ever since we’ve been little we’ve been dreaming about our ideal life and that doesn’t have to stop once you become an adult. No dream is too big or too idealistic. AND, it’s never too late to start over and achieve your crazy dreams.

Your dreams are a solid indicator of what your heart really wants and needs. Listen to that and don’t feel obligated to explain your reasoning because someone might not understand. They don’t have to understand, it’s your dream.

My dream is to own a small farm and sell my art so I can take care of everyone I love. A garden, chickens, dairy cows on some land in a cute little home with my favorite people.

Why have I been explaining this to people lately? Because it’s not the traditional career path for someone at 25 and I feel like people judge me for it. I feel like they won’t understand.

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends and family who do support and encourage my crazy farm and art dreams! I love you all! I really fucking appreciate it.

Where You Live

Where you live primarily comes down to how much you’re willing to pay, and where you want to be. Since most of us aren’t extremely wealthy, we tend to compromise on living situations so we can eat, go to school, save for something better, etc. And if you’re fortunate enough to be exactly where you want to be, there is still no need to explain. It is what it is.

Since all those things aren’t anyone’s business, there’s no need to explain to people why you live where you live.

Your Financials

This one is tough because in our society we put so much emphasis on how much we make. Our capitalist consumerism society tells us that the more we make, the better you are. That’s obviously not true, but when you find yourself explaining to someone how much you make and why…ask yourself why you’re divulging that information.

Is it because you’re insecure about it? Is it because you’re trying to prove yourself? If you find yourself explaining your financial situation with someone, stop. The people you feel the need to explain yourself to, are not the right people to tell.

Your trusted loved ones will understand and refrain from judgement. You won’t feel the need to explain to those ones.

Your Career

Everyone does what they need to do to get by and be comfortable. End of story. Don’t explain to people why you’ve been a barista for the last ten years, or why you sell cars for a living.

I sell my art online because I love creating beautiful shit. The end.

Who You Love

Who you love is who you love; no matter the sex, gender, orientation, age, color, hairstyle, career, dog or cat person, football team…

The people who love and care about you will understand and want what’s best for YOU. Need I say more?

What Makes You Happy

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what makes you happy. Don’t explain why. You’re sure of what you want in life and not everyone is going to understand. They don’t need to, it’s not their life. It’s yours.

So get out there and be proud of what you are and what you have! Be confident in yourself that you made the right decisions!

No explanation needed.

Sending you all the extra love today,


20 Habits of Healthy, Happy People

20 Habits of Healthy, Happy People

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics because we get so into routine. Life can sweep us off our feet and we need to stay grounded. Often we forget to take the time and really do what’s best for ourselves.

I’ll admit that I have been in a serious funk lately. After my dad died earlier this year I just haven’t been able to get back on my feet. My depression has skyrocketed and it hasn’t been this bad since High School. I’ve barely written or painted anything new for months. This is a reminder to myself (and you) to get back into the right mindset.

If you’re looking for some guidance because you’ve been feeling down lately, read on. Here are 20 Habits of Healthy, Happy People. 

They sleep when they’re tired.

They eat when they’re hungry.

They keep hydrated.

They create a routine.

They drink responsibly.

They exercise because they love their body, not because they hate it.

They love themselves no matter their size, weight, or current struggle.

They talk to themselves with love and compassion.

They surround themselves with other healthy individuals.

They distance themselves from toxic people.

They set boundaries.

They improve themselves everyday.

They uplift others.

They seek help when they need it.

They admit their faults.

They embrace change.

They take on challenges with confidence.

They forgive themselves for their mistakes.

They trust their instincts. 

They take their self-care seriously and utilize it often.

There you have it friends. In a lot of ways this blog is for myself as it’s also for you. Welcome to my mental health journey. Learn with me, take care with me, and thrive with me.

Let’s build an unapologetic community full of beautiful badasses.

Cheers! Here’s to the upcoming work week!


Visualize Your Best Self to Build Confidence

Visualize Your Best Self to Build Confidence

Why Visualize Your Best Self?

Why would you want to visualize your best self?  Well, for a few reasons.

  1. Visualizing will remind you of how capable you are.
  2. Visualizing this will give you something to strive and work towards.
  3. And! Visualizing will help you gain confidence as you check off your list.

How To Visualize Your Best Self

Here’s your homework:

Answer these questions and write them down on a sheet of paper.

  • What words would you describe yourself?
  • Where is the best version of you living?
  • What job do you have?
  • Are you traveling the world, or are you settled into a cozy home?
  • Who are the most important people in your life? What roles do these people play?
  • What does a regular day look like, and what challenges do you face?
  • How are you dressing?
  • What hobbies do you have? What do you do in your leisure time?
  • How are you physically and mentally different as the best version of yourself?

Write your answers down and refer to them often. If you’re a more visual person like me, print out some inspiration photos and make a collage out of it! I made a few pages of collages for my dream home and it brightens my day every time I look at it.

My best self would look a little like this…

I see myself as energized, strong and confident. I see my best self living on a small farm filled with chickens and a few dairy cows. An ordinary day of the week would consist of feeding and caring for animals, spending time with family and friends, playing with my dogs, painting, blogging, and building furniture.

So try it out!

What does your best self look like? Share in the comments!

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Make A Reverse Bucket List To Boost Your Self Esteem

Make A Reverse Bucket List To Boost Your Self Esteem

Make A Reverse Bucket List To Boost Your Self Esteem

I know many of you have heard of this new trend popping up in your Pinterest feed and online. It’s called a reverse bucket list. Say whaaa?

Many of you have made a bucket list, and intend on checking all your crazy ideas off your list. But have you ever considered creating a reverse bucket list?

It goes like this.

Create a list of all the accomplishments in your life. Start with the big stuff and narrow it down to the small stuff!

If you’re having a difficult time thinking of ideas, let me throw some ideas out there for you!

Educational milestones?

Financial successes?

Career advances?

Hobbies you’ve perfected?

Exciting things you’ve tried?

Where have you traveled?

What have you made?

Tasted exotic food and didn’t throw up?

What have you given to others?

Physical triumphs?

Mental or emotional triumphs?

Don’t forget the little successes!

Have you kept plants alive?

Do you know how to cook your favorite meal?

Do you have happy animals or children?

Pay your bills?

Haven’t murdered your boss?

Good job. Write that shit down.

Here’s mine.

  • I graduated High School, and college with a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • I didn’t succumb to the suicidal days of my life.
  • I worked at Wells Fargo for almost four years and didn’t murder my boss.
  • I created two businesses that grow each and every day.
  • I have two healthy, happy dogs.
  • I have kept many plants alive.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety and have conquered that shit.
  • I successfully came off of my antidepressants.
  • I’ve created a beautiful network of family and friends who love me.
  • I have traveled to three continents, and seven different countries.
  • I’ve painted and crafted a ton of beautiful artwork that I’m very proud of.
  • I lived through tragedy and haven’t buckled yet.
  • I’ve learned so many amazing skills, and I continue to strive for new knowledge.
  • I’ve gained self esteem, confidence, and strength. Something that I never thought I would have.
  • I have maintained a really amazing and healthy relationship with my boyfriend. Go us!
  • I love myself, and that’s not easy.
  • I’ve shared my story with others and have helped some people along the way.

What’s your reverse bucket list?

I challenge you to print it out and hang in on your wall!


Ways To Give Back and Why It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Ways To Give Back and Why It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Have you ever heard of how giving to others creates your own happiness? It’s true, and it has a lot of researched backing.

Giving back has been correlated with positive emotions time and time again. It may seem a little backwards, but think about it. Doesn’t it make you feel super awesome to give gifts or do a little charity work?

I for one, know that I always feel better once I do something for another person…or animal.

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For example, when I was little my babysitter and I would create fresh treats for the woodland animals at a lake on my island. We would string fresh cranberries and plain popcorn to trees, so that the animals in the area would have a little treat. Kind of fun right?

When was the last time you did something for someone without expecting anything in return? I hope you can say this morning, but if not, try it out. Try giving to people without expectation, and note how you feel afterwards.

I’m guessing you’ll feel pretty good!

Now, if you need some ideas to give back, you’ve come to the right place!

For your partner (or best friend)

  • Do the chores that they loath
  • Make them breakfast
  • Surprise them with their favorite hot drink
  • Write them a letter
  • Call them
  • Compliment them
  • Make them dinner
  • Craft them a little gift
  • Massage their feet
  • Bake them cookies

For your parents and/or grands

  • Write them a letter
  • Send them a photo in the mail
  • Visit them for lunch
  • Take them shopping
  • Take them out for a fun date
  • Wash their car
  • Mow their lawn
  • Do some household chores for them

For your kids

  • Read to them
  • Play with them
  • Craft something with them
  • Finger-paint
  • Play in the mud or run through the sprinklers
  • Go to the library
  • Take them to the park

For your fur babies

  • Give them a bath
  • Clip their nails
  • Bake some fur baby friendly treats
  • Pull out the wet food and celebrate them for being wonderful
  • Take them for a walk
  • Take them to the park
  • Teach them a new trick
  • Give them a massage

For strangers

  • Donate your clothes and food
  • Donate unneeded items in your house
  • Volunteer
  • Prepare gift bags for the homeless
  • Compliment them
  • If you see someone struggling, offer help
  • Perform small acts of kindness wherever and whenever you can

There you have it my friends! A list of a few things you can give back to the people in your life.

There are a few things this world will never get enough of, and that’s love and kindness.



Turn Your Mood Around In 6 Easy Steps

Turn Your Mood Around In 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever been in a bad mood for no reason? Maybe you feel tired and unmotivated and you don’t know why. Chances are your body and mind need a little stimulation.

Follow these steps and I promise you’ll start to feel refreshed and energized. Hopefully these tips will turn your bad mood around and give you motivation to take on the world!

Stand up and stretch your muscles

If you’re sitting down at a desk or laying in bed, get up and do a little stretching. Even if you have to force yourself out of bed for just 5 minutes, do that.

I understand some days are just so much harder than others, so give yourself a break if you really need it. But if you’re really looking for a solution to your sticky situation, follow these tips.

Drink a glass of water and Eat something nutritious

In order for your mind to feel healthy, your body needs to be healthy! Don’t abuse your body by depriving it of what it needs. Drink a glass of water and prepare a bomb ass meal for yourself.

When I would struggle through a bad bout of depression, I should have done myself a favor and feed my body what it needed. I would be so depressed I wouldn’t get up to eat. Then, I would be so hungry I would sleep through it because I didn’t want to leave my bed. That’s fucking miserable. Don’t do what I did.

I promise you’ll feel better once you give your body what it needs.

Clean your room

Maybe this is just something that starts my day off well, but I can’t start any work without it. Cleaning my room clears my work space and it also makes me feel accomplished.

Even if you’re feeling shitty, at least you can say that you’ve done something for yourself today.

Do your hair and put something nice on

Every time I do this, I can’t help but feel better about myself. I look in the mirror and the little boost makes me feel ready for anything.

You know that saying, “If you look good, you feel good.”? Well it’s kind of true.

Now I’m not saying that you need either of these to feel good about yourself, but I do strongly believe in keeping up with hygiene to keep up your mood.

Take a walk outside and go somewhere new!

Get out of your house and breathe in some fresh air! Walk around the block, take your dogs to the park, or go on a hike.

Stimulate your senses by breathing in some fresh air and by moving your body. There is something special about the outdoors that really boosts your mood and turns your bad day around.

When you do something new, it forces your mind to really think and get out of autopilot. Drive a new route to work, walk to a new park, order something new at the coffee shop, cook yourself a new meal, or switch up your workout routine!

Do something for someone else

I love this one! Do you have a ton of clothes you don’t use anymore? Collect them and donate them. What about food? You’ll probably never eat that canned asparagus in your pantry. Where did that come from anyway? Drop it off at a food bank.

Write your mother a letter. Give your dog a bath. Call your dad. Take your grams shopping. Wash your partner’s car. Do that chore that your partner HATES, you know, because you love them! Make some homemade ice-cream with your kids. Google it, it’s really easy.

Think about all the wonderful people in your life and how much they influence the good in your life. Give something back to them. This will always make you feel better. Not to mention, this is a researched topic, so it’s bound to work!

What always makes you feel better?

Dog kisses?

A walk in the park?

Tell me in the comment section below!

What I’m Grateful For

What I’m Grateful For

The reason I’m doing this now is because I’ve lost someone recently, and it has been a really strong reminder of how short and precious life is. There are so many things to be grateful for, and I’m going to list my top 10.

What I'm Grateful For

I find that it’s really easy to become accustomed to the things we have, the people around us, and we often take those things for granted.

We don’t do it on purpose. Like I said, we just become comfortable and forget to be grateful. I challenge you to take a few minutes and write down 10 things you’re most grateful for. I’ll do it with you.

What I’m Grateful For

I’m grateful for my health that keeps me going

I’m grateful for my knowledge of the world

I’m grateful for my freedom to do what I love

I’m grateful for the food that nourishes me

I’m grateful for the abilities and opportunity I have 

I’m grateful for my freedom of speech

I’m grateful for my loving family who have helped me through the past two weeks

I’m grateful for my supportive friends

I’m grateful for my loving and understanding boyfriend who is always there for me

I’m grateful for my fun-loving and happy pups that always put a smile on my face

How To Be Grateful Everyday

Spend some time every day being grateful for what and who you have in your life.

I keep a journal where I write the date, and three things I’m grateful for that day. It’s a healthy reminder of how lucky I am.


What are you grateful for?

Share with me in the comments!

How To Start Living In The Moment

How To Start Living In The Moment

Get the most out of life by living in the moment.

How To Start Living In The Moment

Embrace minimalism

When you have less possessions, every piece left becomes much more important and useful. Hoarding too many useless possessions will clutter your house and your mind. Donate it, sell it, or throw it away.

Take a moment and look at everything you own. Have you been looking for a good reason to organize and purge your closet? Every weekend spend some time going through your stuff and clearing out everything that you don’t use and believe to be beautiful.

Begin each day as a blessing

See every new day as a fresh opportunity to do something amazing. Let go of what happened yesterday and begin each and everyday with motivation and vigor.

Be mindful every moment of the day

With all of the responsibilities we have everyday, it’s easy to slip into a monotonous routine. Sometimes the day flies by without us even noticing!

I know we are all fantastic at multitasking, but single tasking is far more efficient and enjoyable. Single tasking is performing one task at a time without losing focus on the task at hand.

When you are at work, fully engulf your energy into that task. Do you best and strive for efficiency. We are far more productive when we put down our phone, get off of Facebook, and refrain from mindlessly pinning to our wedding board. Or is that just me? hehe

There is a time and a place for this, and it’s not during work time, or family time.

Eat mindfully

Fully enjoy your food. Take advantage of every bite, and appreciate every bite.

When you eat breakfast, focus on the taste of your food, how it feels in your mouth, and the mouthwatering aroma.

Put down your phone and just eat. Sounds crazy right? Well when we multitask while eating we tend to eat more, eat more calories, and we simply don’t enjoy it as much.

Forgive the past

Forgiveness is something that I’ve been working on in the past year, and I’m far more happy now that I have.

Holding onto the negative energy of the past will constantly hold you down. It ruins the present, and wastes so much valuable time. Forgiveness is hard, but it will set you free. I promise.

Read more about forgiveness here.

Enjoy what you do

To fully enjoy the present, it would make sense that you must enjoy what you do, right? Make the most out of everyday and see everything you do as practice or a learning experience.

We don’t always love our jobs, but take advantage of what you have and learn something from what you’re doing. At very least, be grateful that your job puts food on the table.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones and you enjoy your job, good for you! Don’t let a moment pass where you take for granted what you do everyday.

Dream big

Set goals and plans for your future. The work you do today is the very beginning of your lifelong success. Every little bit of effort counts.

Understand what you can control, and let the rest go

Do you spend a lot of time stressing about other people or what they’re doing? Be rational with yourself. Understand that you are the only person you have control over. You cannot control traffic, or your siblings, or the pace of the checkout line.

Take every moment as it is, and understand what you have control over. Yourself, and how you react to your world.

Learn every day

Like I mentioned before, every day is a new opportunity to start fresh. The wonderful thing about learning is that we have to be fully focused in order to actually learn the thing.

Search for answers and more efficient ways to handle your work. If you’re constantly learning, you are constantly progressing.

Keep and form healthy habits

Keep the healthy habits you have and kick the bad ones. You may be really good at taking your medication or vitamins. Keep doing that. Are you really good at getting enough sleep? Keep doing that too!

On the other hand, if there is something you want to work on, do it. Have you been waiting to kick your addiction to smoking? Or ice cream at 2 in the morning? Or maybe you have a bad habit of biting your nails.


Keeping bad habits denies you from living in the present, and healthy living keeps you in the present. All you ever have is RIGHT NOW. Make the most of it.

How do you live in the moment?

Tell me in the comments!

How Gratitude Improves Mental Health

How Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health

I’m glad to see that the importance of mental health is increasingly becoming more popular. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand, and we need to prioritize both. In this post I’m going to share with you some of the best information that has changed my entire life with just one simple skill. Gratitude!

How Gratitude Improves Mental Health

Why Gratitude?

Like many others on New Year’s Eve, I concocted a beautiful resolution. I decided that my resolution was going to more than a feeble attempt at exercising everyday. I want two things out of life; happiness and health.

What started as a New Year’s resolution, became a new way of life.

I learned gratitude, and that has become the leading cause of my happiness since then. Happiness does not come from loads of money, or fancy material items. It comes from the gratitude towards what you have. The richest person in the world will not be happy unless he or she is grateful for what they have, and how hard they’ve worked. On the reverse, the less fortunate can feel the richest by simply being grateful for what they do have.

With gratitude, anyone can be happy. No matter where you are in life, however much money or materials you have, you can always find happiness through gratitude. Happiness does not happen automatically when you receive a gift. Happiness occurs when you are grateful for that gift.

This is why gratitude is the key to happiness and a healthy mind.

Gratitude Is The Key To Happiness

Gratitude is not something you have to buy, it is a skill you can acquire. Being grateful is one of the easiest trails to happiness, because you can take it with you wherever you go. Stick that baby in your pocket, and pull it out whenever you need it! The really amazing thing about this little trick, is that you can choose to be grateful for anything in any situation. You can choose happiness, and gratitude is how you get there.

Read more about How To Become Grateful

Gratitude Reduces Negative Emotions

Your thoughts have an extremely strong influence on you and your emotions. To put it simply, happy thoughts, happy life. Furthermore, when you spend the majority of your energy thinking happy thoughts, in turn, you spend less energy thinking negative thoughts.

Gratitude shifts your attention to the positive side of life, and releases you from a plethora of negative emotions. This includes but isn’t limited to frustration, jealousy, resentment, and entitlement. Grass is no longer greener on the other side. You start to believe grass is greener where you water it, which is right where you are my friends.

Gratitude Increases Self Esteem

It’s no secret that low self-esteem is associated with negativity. Negative thoughts about yourself, your environment, your abilities, etc. Gratitude increases self-esteem, and reduces social comparisons. When someone’s focus is on themselves and their abilities, they spend less time comparing themselves to others. Gratitude towards yourself allows you to appreciate other people’s accomplishments without enticing jealousy or frustration.

Gratitude Increases Mental Strength

Grateful people are well equipped for difficult obstacles that occur throughout life, and have high levels of resiliency towards adversity. Rather than allowing difficult situations to ruin the day, grateful people are able to take on live’s obstacles with a positive outlook. Once you master gratitude, it’s a skill that will last you a lifetime.

My homework for you is this…start a gratitude journal. Every night before you go to bed, write down three beautiful things that you’re grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

Why You Should Follow Your Passion – My Art Journey

Why You Should Follow Your Passion – My Art Journey

follow your passion

We all have that thing that we love. You know that one thing that really gives you bliss? You need to follow that and incorporate it into your life somehow.

Some of us love art, others love the outdoors. Some of us love solving problems, and inventing new and interesting gadgets. Whatever it is that you love, do that.

You will be happy, I promise

It’s not always the right choice to simply pick up, leave your job, and make a huge career change. But I am saying that if you can incorporate your passion into what you do everyday, you will be far more happy with your life.

And! More power to you if you can make your passion your career! You know that saying that says something like, “If you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life.” ??

It may sound cheesy or impossible, but it’s true. With one exception!

If you’re really passionate about something, and want to do it full time… it’s going to take a lot of work! But the great thing about that is, is that the work is enjoyable!

My passion for art

Just recently I began working towards a life where I could practice my passion everyday. Towards the end of my college days, I decided to pursue art again. I gave up on art for a few years because I was convinced I could never make a living from it.

I decided to enjoy my life, and make art again. Just for fun. What started out as “just fun” turned into my full blown career goal!

I’ve been artistic my whole life. I seriously considered going to an art college, and ended up giving up on the idea. Towards the end of college, the only thing that really made me happy was making art.

My loved ones could see that, and actually started encouraging me to pursue it.

So I did.

I’m proof that it’s possible

Here I am today, calling myself a painter and a blogger. I can say that in 100% truth, I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Ever in my life. 

It’s probably a combination of the lovely family and friends I surround myself with, and my career choice. Nonetheless, I’m happy and I’m going to give this everything I’ve got.

I’m so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such amazingly encouraging family and friends. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

So there’s my shortened version of “following your passion” success. I may not be making all the money in the world, or buying fancy cars, but I love waking up every single morning to do what I do best. 

You see, I have two passions. I have a passion for creating, and I have a passion for helping people. My Bachelors degree is in Psychology (helping people), and art (creating). It’s absolutely perfect isn’t it? And you know how I got there?

Read about my At Home Art Therapy technique, here.

I just followed my heart, and I trusted that I would end up somewhere I wanted to be.

I will warn you that it’s pretty scary. You won’t be sure where you’ll end up, and life may become a little uncertain. At least in my case, my life is very uncertain, but I’m exactly where I want to be. What I do know for certain is that I’m happy, and I will do whatever it takes to make this dream of mine come true.

Sounds pretty fucking great right?

It is, and I encourage you to do the same.

How to find your passion

Not sure how to get started? Follow these steps.

  • Write down all your natural abilities in a list.
  • Then, write all of your interests on another list.
  • Circle the common interests, and make a new list.
  • Write down what you want to accomplish in your life.
  • Write down what you want to be remembered for.

Without worry, self doubt, and money constraints… How do you imagine your best self? What do you dream to do? How do you want to look? What do you want to be doing every day? How do you want to be remembered?

Do you imagine yourself with lots of money? Do you imagine yourself in a career that you’ve never thought possible? Think career, hobbies, lifestyle, family, friends, children, and pets.

How do you imagine your best ideal self in ten years? How would you get there? Make the necessary steps to obtain your goal. Start doing that.

Forget what everyone else expects of you

If you’re thinking of all the obstacles in your way, know that you will run into a lot of obstacles throughout your journey. You will. Everyone does. Don’t let that deter you from your dreams. Remember how happy you can be if you push yourself to do what you love? Focus on that, and do a little bit of that every day.

Also remember it’s not a race. Not one bit. I know it feels like it sometimes, but what’s important is that you do it. What’s not important is how fast you do it, how much money you make doing it, or other people’s opinions.

The more you love what you do, the less you will need others to approve. Because it’s not about them, right? It’s about you.

And if it’s about you and how you feel, their opinions shouldn’t matter. You don’t need to prove to anyone that you can do it. You need to do it for you, because it makes you happy, dammit.

What’s your passion?

Share with me in the comments!

The Day I Gave The Little I Had

The day I gave the little I had

the day I gave

A little background…

A few years ago I was really struggling. I was smack dab in the middle of getting my bachelors degree. I was working full time at a bank, and my plate was overflowing with homework and obligations. Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out. I was being paid barely enough to get by. Like most college students, I was living off of ramen and coffee. On top of that, I was forced into moving into a new home, and my friends graciously offered their houses to me for the summer.

I was low on money. I was low on confidence and I was low on strength. 

One morning after volunteering for an event my psychology class held, I went to buy some groceries. I spent a fraction of the little money I had.

I bought two bags worth of cheap groceries to get me by for the next two weeks. At this time in my life it was difficult to spend money on food because I had so many more important things to spend money on. I needed to buy textbooks, parking passes for school, and gas for my car. I needed to feed my dog.

The one thing I could spend less on was food for me, because I could eat less food, (or at least really cheap food). Was I hungry? Yes, but I was surviving. I don’t recommend doing this if you have a choice, but I’ll eat less before I start rationing my dogs food. Pups gotta eat, you know?

So I left the grocery store and started driving.

When I learned a valuable lesson…

I stopped at a red light, and I looked to my left and saw a homeless woman, begging. I didn’t have any cash to give her, but I did have groceries, so I rolled down my window and offered my groceries.

This poor woman achingly got to her feet, took my groceries, and thanked me. She hadn’t had breakfast yet that day. It was past lunch time.

The light turned green, I rolled up my window and drove away.

I remember distinctly what she looked like. She was wearing tattered clothing and shoes. She had few teeth and her skin was tanned into leather from the sun, and she had one small bag with her that held her few belongings.

That’s all she had.

Here come the tears…

Unexpectedly, I started to cry. I was ugly crying so hard I couldn’t see through my tears. I pulled over, and complete sorrow took over me.

How did I get so lucky? I am so incredibly fortunate. I have everything I could ever want and need. I’m going to school, and I have a full time job. I have a car and a dog that I’m able to take care of and pay for. I have friends willing to house me during my times of need.

This woman had nothing.

She was so thin I could see her bones through her baggy tattered clothes.

She had nothing, and I had everything.

I had enough food to keep me alive, and had a dad that would save the day if I asked him. I was getting an education to better my life.

And she didn’t have breakfast.

I became far more grateful that day.

Although that summer was a time in my life where I had less than I wanted, I still had everything.

I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life that day.

No matter how much you’ve lost, there will always be someone that is grateful with less. 

No matter how bad you think you have it, you have so much to be grateful for.

Be so fucking grateful that you explode from the happiness. Wherever you are in life, however much money you have…always be grateful for what you do have.

Read more on happiness here…

The most honorable and gracious thing you can do, is to give to someone who has less…even when you have little to give.

What have you done to give?

What are your thoughts?

Share in the comments!


Why You Need A Gratitude Journal

Why You Need A Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal

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How grateful are you? That may not be a question you’re often asked. It’s just kind of assumed right? “I have gratitude!” Well just to solidify that…

The More Grateful You Are, The Happier You’ll Be

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the more grateful you are, the happier you can be. Positivity and gratitude was a total game changer for me. Because who doesn’t want to be happy and positive and grateful for shit?

I decided a while ago that I have complete control over my own happiness. Something that got me there was my gratitude. It’s very simple. It takes a little work, but you can really change your world if you want to. The more you are grateful for, the more things you have to be happy about.

I find that nowadays people take everything for granted, or at least that’s how it seems. And there is so much to be grateful for. Like damn, we have everything we could ever need, and that’s doesn’t seem to be good enough.

Bottom line, look at how much the world offers you all the time. Appreciate the people who take time out of their day to improve yours. That’s really special, and don’t ever take that for granted.

My Journey To Gratitude

So, my mother wasn’t well equipped to be a mother, and that kind of sucked for me. Although I don’t wish how I was treated upon anyone, I would never wish for another upbringing.

Why, you ask?

I can’t take back the past and change who I came from. There’s no point dwelling on that. And, if I had a different upbringing, I wouldn’t be the strong resilient woman I am today. I’m grateful for that.

I describe my mother as a bad role model. She taught me how NOT to do everything. She showed me how NOT to treat people. She showed me how NOT to talk to people. She showed me how NOT to live my life.

Granted, it took me a while before I figured that out. What I did (instead of being salty about it my whole life), was I started to become grateful for what I did have. I did have a lot of things I learned from her. Whether it was a hard lesson learned or not, a lesson learned nonetheless.

So I took that, and I ran with it!

You Can’t Change Your Past, And That’s Okay

A huge part of becoming happy again was learning gratitude. I figure since I can’t change my past, I’ll change how I think about it. I’ll change my future. You forgive what bad happened to you, and you become grateful for what you do have. Sounds pretty fucking easy, and it can be!

Now I can’t help you with everything, but I can show you how to be grateful. I promise if you really want to change your life, you will. I have all the faith in the world in you! I know that if I can do it, you can too!

So the first time I made a grateful for list, I went all out! I listed everything my mind could muster up. I ended up writing like ten pages worth of things to be grateful for, (because there is a ton to be grateful for!) Sometimes you just need to remind yourself.

Then you make a habit out of it. Before you know it, you’ll be grateful all day, everyday.

Be Ridiculously Fucking Grateful

That’s how you should be. Ridiculously fucking grateful. Because life is short. Why waste your life complaining about what you don’t have? Spend your time thinking about what you DO have!

You don’t need a ton of money, fancy cars, tons of friends, expensive clothing, or a mansion to be happy. All you need is to be grateful. “What? It’s that easy? There’s no way!”

Well, there you have it folks. Be fucking grateful, and you’ll find you have a ton to be happy about.

I’ve practiced this for so damn long that I can’t even journal about why I’m pissed off. I’ll tell you something kind of funny.

Now I Can’t Be Ungrateful

I was kind of pissed off the other day. I mean, we all have those days right? Things and people getting on our nerves and such?

How I figure out my shit

Well something that I’ve done to help calm my nerves and mind, is to write. I’ll take my computer somewhere and I’ll type angrily until I feel better. Everything goes. (Insert every swear word in CAPS here) It releases the bad vibes onto my computer instead of people.

What happened instead

So I got my computer and started typing. I was expecting to mildly abuse my computer with my angry typing fingers, but instead something else happened. I listed why I was upset, and then I started talking about how fucking grateful I was for everything. What the fuck? I wanted to be angry, but I just resolved my issues instead. By being grateful. Who knew? Strange right?

So it’s taken me a while to get to this point, and I’m not saying that I’ll cure all your future angry outbursts. However, I can tell you how much I’ve changed by just being grateful. Damn. Quick solution. You’re welcome friends!

So I challenge you to start a grateful for list.

How To Make A Gratitude Journal

First, grab a cute journal. Check!

Then list everything that you could possibly be grateful for. Friends, family, lessons learned, education, happiness, health, books, knowledge, your favorite food, your home, coffee (because yum!), the sun, the grass, your favorite smell, movies, the air you breathe? I could go on forever.

You may not have your dream job, your favorite car, or a house in the hills, but you sure as hell have things to be grateful for. So write them down.

Practice gratitude everyday. After you’ve covered everything you can think of, read my blog post about Three Good Things. This is how you practice gratitude every day.

Eventually you’ll start looking for the good in your life,  and the difficult situations will be a lot less hard.

To get started, buy yourself a cute little journal to record all your happy thoughts in.

This will be your gratitude journal. Use it, and let the gratitude and happiness flow!



Forgiveness – It’s For You, Not Them

Forgiveness is for you, not them.


My story of forgiveness

My icky, sticky road to forgiveness. Feel free to skip this and get to the good stuff if you can’t help yourself!

I’m going to share with you something very personal. I had sort of an epiphany moment one night while bullshitting with my roommates.

For all my life I was upset and resentful towards my biological parents. To put it simply… abuse, neglect, abandonment, alcoholism, and drug addiction. They didn’t ask for forgiveness, nor do they deserve it, but I need my peace. ‘Nuff said.

So with all those wonderful little gifts that were given to me, I couldn’t help but believe…

If my biological parents can’t love me, how on earth can anyone else love me?

Epiphany moment! TA DA!

The people in my life that DO love me, aren’t related to me by blood. So this must mean I’m actually really lovable, because they don’t HAVE to love me. They choose to love me, for me! (Because I’m awesome) Isn’t that better anyway? (In a sick, twisted sort of way) Haha, but anyway…

Through this realization, I learned a lot all at once. I learned that I am lovable, and I do deserve love. I gained self awareness, and self-esteem by switching my mindset. This also gave me the strength to forgive my biological parents. I feel sorry for them, and I also feel compassion for them.

Why? Because I refuse to let them weigh me down anymore. I forgive them because I want to be at peace, and I want to let go of all the ill feelings they created. I don’t want all those bad beliefs to linger and spill over into other relationships. I’m going to be happy, dammit! And I deserve nothing less!

Forgiveness frees you, and brings you peace. I’m a walking example of that.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness, by definition, is the conscious and voluntary decision to release yourself from ill feelings and resentment from another that has caused you harm in any way. Note this does not mean forgetting and excusing actions of the other person. Forgiving someone also means letting go of the ill feelings, regardless if the other person asked for forgiveness, or even deserves it.

Kind of harsh right? Hell no!

This brings us to our next conversation. Who is forgiveness for?

Who is forgiveness for?

Forgiveness is for you, and only you.

I know it’s tempting to expect an apology from someone, but that will only keep you frustrated. Don’t expect an apology! If the person thinks you deserve an apology and has the courage to do so, they will give you an apology!

Sometimes people don’t realize they’ve hurt you.

This is when you speak up and tell them! They can’t read your mind! Don’t be afraid to share your feelings. What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of them not listening to your feelings, dismissing them, or making fun of you? Fuck them. You don’t need people like that in your life. Only keep people in your life that care about you. It’s very simple.

So who is forgiveness for? Forgiveness is for people who want to let go of the bad feelings left there by others.

Don’t do it for them, do it for yourself and you will have peace.

Why we need to forgive

Some people don’t ask for forgiveness. Others don’t deserve forgiveness. That’s okay.

We forgive for ourselves right?

You need to learn to forgive others so you can live as happily and as healthy as possible. Forgiveness allows you to be aware of the situation, and let it go.

We all know bottling up feelings is harmful right? Do yourself a favor and cauterize the wound before it festers and creates a bigger problem.

This brings us to when we should forgive people.

When should we forgive?

Right away!

The sooner you forgive someone, the sooner you can move on.

I know this ones hard, but just suck it up and do it!

How do we forgive?

Forgiving someone is difficult, and especially when they don’t deserve it. But remember, we forgive to give ourselves peace.

We have zero control over others and their actions. Let go of what you can’t control.

What you can control is how you react to people and their actions. For example…

Someone does something shitty to you. *it hurts and we’re aware of that*

When they apologize, or don’t. *remember that they treat you that way (perhaps) because they’ve been treated that way*

I feel some compassion coming on…

Just like us, they have the option to be shitty or not. We don’t cause their actions, so DON’T believe that they’re being shitty because YOU deserve it. You don’t deserve people being shitty to you, and they don’t deserve it either.

Start the chain reaction, and kill harm with kindness. Stop harm in it’s tracks, and don’t let it gain momentum.

The quicker you forgive, the quicker you can feel peace.

This is where you make the decision to distance yourself from them, or keep them close. You are the best judge of what’s best for you. Make good decisions for yourself.

Remember you are the one responsible for your own happiness. Let yourself have it!

So what’s your story?

Have you forgiven someone that didn’t give you an apology?

Share with me in the comments!

Art Therapy At Home – Self Care And Healing

Art Therapy At Home – Self Care And Healing

So what is Art Therapy?

It may sound pretty straight forward to some of us, but for those of us who want more information…

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that utilizes the creative process of making art to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

So how does it work?

This creative artistic process can help people alleviate issues, manage behavior and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self esteem and awareness of the body and mind.

You don’t need to be a professional or talented artist to partake in the fun! Anyone can participate in art therapy, and anyone can enjoy it!

What’s really fantastic about art therapy is that it can be tailored to each individual, and can be varied depending on each person’s interests. And if art isn’t something that interests you, there is also music and dance therapy.

The therapy part comes in when a professional guides and interprets the art you create. To manage emotions and increase self esteem, therapists often use talk therapy in conjunction with the art making. If you’re not interested in actually going to a therapist, try this at  home version to help yourself.

How I Use Art Therapy At Home

Since I’m a painter, I love doing art therapy. I use specific techniques in art therapy for a variety of reasons. I use it as a sort of meditative painting to get myself started for days of painting, and to get my creative juices flowing. This prep work helps me center myself, gain awareness of my emotions, and loosen up my creative hand.

I’m going to share with you my own little form of art therapy I do at home!

This is not professional practice because I lack the actual therapist! But that’s okay, it’s still very calming and healing.

While I was in therapy recently, my wonderful counselor recommended this practice.

Depending on what you like as far as art medium, this will vary with each person.

How To – Art Therapy At Home

First, put calming music on that would be beneficial for meditation. This is also when I turn on an essential oil diffuser to really set the mood for success. I really like jasmine or lavender!

Second, gather all your art supplies and surround yourself with them. This is also when I prep my canvas or paper. Using a plate or other round object, I trace a circle on the paper to create a guide for a mandala.

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. A mandala is often used for meditation, and is said to represent the universe and life as a whole.

You don’t have to use a mandala as a guide, but I particularly like the cyclical shape, and orbital direction of the painting after I’m finished.

Third, sit in a comfortable position. Take a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and gain awareness of what you’re feeling at this moment.

Are you feeling calm and collected? Are your feeling frustrated and anxious? Really listen to what your body and mind is telling you.

Fourth, set all judgement aside and pick up your brush, pen, or your favorite utensil. Start by adding the medium to the page. Create what you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be anything or any particular object, but it can be if you want. It can be abstract, expressionist, or realistic.

Why We Love Art Therapy

The purpose of this is to create awareness, mindfulness, peace, and calm. I can’t provide a therapist for you, but I can provide a little something that I do to center myself.

Remember, do not place judgement on yourself or your creation. This is purely for your enjoyment and mindfulness practice.

“But Jordan, I don’t have art supplies and creative mind! I know I’ll just embarrass or frustrate myself!”

I totally know how you feel. I’ll take care of you!

An Easier Version!

Now! If this all seems a little out of your comfort zone, I have something else for you!

If you’re not up for creating your own piece of art, color in one that’s already made for you! I know not all of you are artists like me, so I found something completely stress free for you to try!

Adult coloring books are the thing for you! They are just as enjoyable, equally as calming, and super fun!

ANYONE can do this! I’ve taken the time to find what you need. Thank me later! This Mandala Coloring Book comes with everything you need to get started!


What are your thoughts?

Share with me how it goes in the comments!

How To Live A Positive Life

How To Live A Positive Life


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links.

You Can Choose To Be Positive

I believe every situation can be seen negatively or positively. You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you react.

Instead of allowing negative situations to weigh you down, I challenge you to look at it in a positive light. You can choose to be negative, or you can choose to be positive.

I promise you that living life in the positive light will make you so much happier.

Negative Nancy

We all have that friend. Let’s call her “Negative Nancy”. We love Nancy, but we also can’t stand to be around her for too long. She’s so negative! Nancy always has something bad going on in her life, and she never gets a break. It seems like she’s not grateful for anything.

And don’t get me started on her one-up game. You know, you say something, and she negates what you say by telling you she’s dealing with something worse? Gosh I despise that.

Us positive people try to look on the bright side of things, and let Nancy know that you’re there for her. But no amount of listening, advise, or help will change her mind.

It’s quite sad really.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time in my life living on the negative side of things. And guess what? I was miserable. Who wants to live their life unhappy? It’s not fun, and it’s painful.

So if you are a negative Nancy, or would just like to push yourself towards happiness, keep reading.

Change your mindset, Change your life

Let’s be honest for a second. I’m not saying that every minute of every day will rainbows and butterflies. We all have bad days, and it’s appropriate to be upset. But living your life in the dumps is only blocking you from your full potential. Change your mindset, change your life.

Let me provide you with a few examples…

Negative: “I have to walk all the way up this hill to go to school.”

Positive: “I’m grateful that I have healthy legs to take me up this hill, so I can be educated.”

Negative: “I can’t believe I have to wait in line at the grocery store, there are never enough employees working here!”

Positive: “I’m glad that I’m wealthy enough to buy the groceries me and my family need.”

Negative: “I hate driving in traffic to go to work!”

Positive: “I’m lucky enough to have a car to take me to the job that supports me.”

Change your negative into a positive

When I found myself complaining, I would stop, and change it into a positive.

The other day, I was being particularly salty about life, and I had a pretty bad day. I was upset all day and when my boyfriend got home, I told him all about it…

Negative Version:

  • I didn’t work out this morning, I’m so lazy.
  • I took a nap today because I was so exhausted. I’m ashamed because I got less work done.
  • I ate unhealthy, and I shouldn’t have because I’m supposed to be eating healthy.
  • The paintings I made were terrible, and I didn’t make any solid work.
  • I only made ‘x’ amount of sales this month, I wish I had more or done more.

Whoa! Stop right there Nancy!

Sheesh, sounds like I’ve been pretty hard on myself all day right?

This is when my boyfriend responds with, “Now turn all of those negatives into positives.”

(We remind each other to do this when we’re having a bad day).

Positive Version:

  • I’ve worked out every other day this week, I deserve a day off.
  • Catching up on much needed sleep was great, because my body obviously needed it.
  • I ate delicious food today, and it’s okay not to eat like a rabbit all the time.
  • I got to practice new techniques, and explore new ideas today with my paintings.
  • I’ve sold ‘x’ amount of paintings this month, and I’ve worked hard for that. I’ll sell more.

Easy right? Well not all the time, but with practice it will come more naturally.

If this advise isn’t enough for you, let me give you a little something else. I’ve found something you can take home with you, enjoy, and enjoy over again.

Jordan, “I want to be happy now, DAMMIT!”

I’ve got just the thing for you.

A Bedside Read

Now, if you want a quick, fun, and helpful read, read this book.

How To Be Happy, Dammit! Written by Karen Salmansohn. This book is a “cynic’s guide to spiritual happiness”!

I absolutely love this book! This book is different. It’s easy to read, it’s colorful, and it does not sugar coat anything!

Seriously, I’ve read this book three times to remind myself of all the pearls of wisdom inside.

Before you know it you’ll be that annoyingly positive person AND YOU’LL LOVE IT! People will flock to you because your energy will be contagious! Your friends won’t be able to help themselves; they’ll have to be positive too.

If they don’t, share this post with them and hopefully we can change the world together!

Remember that sadness and negativity loves company, but also remember that happiness and positivity are contagious!


Be that positive happiness magnet!

What do you do to keep yourself positive?

Share with me in the comments!

Happiness-Boost With 1 Simple Step

Boost Your Happiness

Boost Your Happiness With 1 Simple Step!

Looking for something to improve your life? Searching for the solution to your happiness?

Guess what?

You already have it.

Yeah, it’s right there… Inside of you, and it always has been. Cool, right? Sometimes we just need a reminder of where to find it.

Sometimes we need a little boost of happiness to really make a great day. Let me show you how I boost my happiness.

Do this simple thing every day, just once a day, and I promise you things will change.

But Jordan, how?

Okay here we go!


Just kidding, I want you to share this with everyone.


Well damn, we’ve heard that before. Yawn.

No seriously, keep reading and I’ll share. This is what I do, and I’m happier because of it.

How To Boost Your Happiness (1 amazing step)

1. Name three good things that happened today, and share this with a loved one.

There is one rule: You cannot repeat anything that has been said already!

This gets fun when you’ve spent the whole day with someone!

BOOM. DONE. Keep reading.

I’ll elaborate. Recall three things that went well today. On great days, this is easy! On horrible days, it’s tough, but even on the bad days, you have something to be grateful for. This may be as simple as being grateful that you got out of bed today. Because you know what? That’s hard sometimes, and good for you, for getting out of bed!

Here are some examples.

Maybe you just received a promotion, or a baby was born.

Perhaps you got brunch at your favorite place today, and it was beyond delicious.

Maybe you got to spend time with your friend, and laughed…a lot.

Did you hit zero traffic on your way to work! Heck yes!

And maybe it’s as simple as waking up to your loved one, or your adorable fur baby.

I’ll write my three good things so it’s easier to picture in your mind.

My actual example today as I’m writing this.

1. I slept in today, because my body needed more rest, and it was amazing.

2. I do what I love, and I love what I do. Writing this post is really inspiring me and I hope you try this.

3. My adorable dog is sleeping on her back next to me with her feet in the air, dreaming.

Seems simple right? Well this works for a few reasons.

Why this works

  • You recall three things that made you happy, or went your way. This forces you to think of the great things that happened throughout the day. Reminding yourself of the good things will bring about good thoughts and feelings.
  • Saying this out loud with someone, and sharing that with them reinforces good thoughts. This is a positive bonding experience, and costs zero dollars. Extra points if you can make them do the same!
  • As mentioned before, every day has something good to be thankful for, even the bad days.
  • After this becomes habit for you, you will be searching for good things throughout the day to share with someone. You start seeing the good in the day, rather than letting the bad ruin your day.

My own testimony

I love doing this every night with my boyfriend. We both share, and it really lifts our spirits. This also starts great conversation about the positive things that happened that day. This is a good time to shower compliments and appreciation too! We do this at night before we go to sleep, and we end the day on a great note.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s crucial to do this on the bad days! It may seem hard to recall things that went your way, but I promise, it will help the day seem better. I often find myself laughing and finding the humor in things that didn’t go my way. Added bonus!

My best friend’s experience

I told this to my best friend once, and guess what?! My best friend does this too! Her and her boyfriend have a great routine, and it caught me by surprise! While visiting them last year, we sat down for dinner and it began. Every night they make dinner together. Before the eating begins, they share with the table their three good things. Then they dive into their delicious meal!

I almost cried because I was so happy that my simple little technique really improved their lives.

They told me that it helps them look for the good in every day. They also said that it really does help them feel happier.

So there you go!

One simple step to happiness!

Now wasn’t that worth reading?

It has completely changed my life, and I continue to do it to this day.

What to take away from today:

  • You always have something to be grateful for.
  • If you look for the good, you will find it.
  • So get out of your own way, and find happiness every day!

What are your three good things?

Share them with me!