New Year’s Resolutions – On the fence?

New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s that time of year and most of you have probably had this buzz across your mind already. Do you already have a plan or have you totally ignored it? The good, the bad, the ugly…I’m here to guide you into a healthy and happy new year. It’s never too late to start. And if you’re one of those “go-getters”, you probably already have a plan and you may not need this post. Move along and keep kicking ass you boss babe! 🙂

For all you other boss babes, let us talk about why or why not to have New Year’s Resolutions.


Many of us use New Year’s Resolutions to start the new year with a reassessment of what’s important to us and to set new goals for ourselves. This is why New Year’s Resolutions can be helpful and refreshing. If you’re one of those people that like to set goals, write them down over and over, and take the steps to get there…resolutions are definitely for you.


But are you one of those people that are tired of hearing about it? Do you roll your eyes at the people posting about their new gym membership…knowing this won’t last more than two months?

If you’re a free spirit who likes to live day by day, embracing the flexibility and uncertainty that comes with it, by all means…keep us guessing. Some people don’t need solid plans to live the life they love. If you’re one of these people, accept yourself for the wild side you have and live in the moment.

Live life authentically. Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions knowing full well that you’ll break them within the week.


I’m not on one side or the other—right in between thinking they’re the kick in the ass I need, and rolling my eyes at the cheese all over my social media. I’m also one of those people who love to write down my goals, make a list of everything I need to get there and check those babies off!

Resolutions ARE for me but it’s not a “new year, new me” thing. I’m still the same person, I just want to remind myself of all the goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.


Or not, because you’re a boss babe who can make your own decisions. Take and tweak what you like 🙂

  1. Only write down goals that are achievable.

If you create a goal that’s unattainable, you’ll end up feeling like a failure if you don’t crush that goal…or even get close. There is no way I’ll be an Olympic gymnast by the end of this year, but if I love gymnastics…I can take classes and still enjoy myself.

2     Start big and break it down into smaller tasks.

“I want to make an extra $5k this year to pay off all my debt.” That’s awesome, but how will you do it? Will you need a promotion or a new job? Do you need to work extra hours or pick up a second job? Figure out the specifics and day-to-day goals that will get you there. Live day by day, it’s a lot less overwhelming.

3      Learn your ‘WHY’.

We’re creatures who ask ‘why’. We want to know why we’re doing the things we’re doing, and we need to know that what we’re doing…matters. Or am I the only one? Just kidding, I know you want the ‘why’.

Why is that extra $5k so important to you? Will it relieve stress on you and your family? Will you be able to live comfortably without looking at your bank account everyday? Whatever your ‘why’ is, hold on to that and keep reminding yourself of it.

Your ‘why’ will keep you going.

Questions, comments, concerns? What are your goals this year? Contact me or comment below!

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