No Explanation Needed-The End.

6 Things That Require No Explanation-The End.

I have been going through some new growth lately. That growth has involved some serious guts! And by guts I mean, trusting my own instinct. Learning when to listen to my intuition, and most importantly, not feeling obligated to share my explanation and motivation behind every little decision I make about my life.

This post is going to give you a list of things you don’t ever need to explain to anyone else.


Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that when I’m unsure about a decision or when I feel I need validation from someone, I dive deep into explaining my situation to them. I hope for reassurance and their opinion so I learn if I’m on the right track or not. Have you found yourself doing this?

This is wrong.

What’s most important about your decisions is that you make them because YOU know it’s best for yourself. We live in the age of technology and social media; we are constantly considering others’ opinions of ourselves first and ignoring our intuition.

If you want to be truly happy with yourself, you will listen to your gut and trust that YOU know what’s best for yourself. And when you’re sure of your decisions and need no validation, there is no need for an explanation. Plus you come off as more confident and people believe you.

Here’s my list of things you don’t ever have to explain to people. Take a mental note, and just be yourself without feeling obligated to explain why. You are you, because you want to be. That’s all you need.

6 Things That Require No Explanation-The End.

Your dreams

Ever since we’ve been little we’ve been dreaming about our ideal life and that doesn’t have to stop once you become an adult. No dream is too big or too idealistic. AND, it’s never too late to start over and achieve your crazy dreams.

Your dreams are a solid indicator of what your heart really wants and needs. Listen to that and don’t feel obligated to explain your reasoning because someone might not understand. They don’t have to understand, it’s your dream.

My dream is to own a small farm and sell my art so I can take care of everyone I love. A garden, chickens, dairy cows on some land in a cute little home with my favorite people.

Why have I been explaining this to people lately? Because it’s not the traditional career path for someone at 25 and I feel like people judge me for it. I feel like they won’t understand.

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends and family who do support and encourage my crazy farm and art dreams! I love you all! I really fucking appreciate it.

Where You Live

Where you live primarily comes down to how much you’re willing to pay, and where you want to be. Since most of us aren’t extremely wealthy, we tend to compromise on living situations so we can eat, go to school, save for something better, etc. And if you’re fortunate enough to be exactly where you want to be, there is still no need to explain. It is what it is.

Since all those things aren’t anyone’s business, there’s no need to explain to people why you live where you live.

Your Financials

This one is tough because in our society we put so much emphasis on how much we make. Our capitalist consumerism society tells us that the more we make, the better you are. That’s obviously not true, but when you find yourself explaining to someone how much you make and why…ask yourself why you’re divulging that information.

Is it because you’re insecure about it? Is it because you’re trying to prove yourself? If you find yourself explaining your financial situation with someone, stop. The people you feel the need to explain yourself to, are not the right people to tell.

Your trusted loved ones will understand and refrain from judgement. You won’t feel the need to explain to those ones.

Your Career

Everyone does what they need to do to get by and be comfortable. End of story. Don’t explain to people why you’ve been a barista for the last ten years, or why you sell cars for a living.

I sell my art online because I love creating beautiful shit. The end.

Who You Love

Who you love is who you love; no matter the sex, gender, orientation, age, color, hairstyle, career, dog or cat person, football team…

The people who love and care about you will understand and want what’s best for YOU. Need I say more?

What Makes You Happy

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what makes you happy. Don’t explain why. You’re sure of what you want in life and not everyone is going to understand. They don’t need to, it’s not their life. It’s yours.

So get out there and be proud of what you are and what you have! Be confident in yourself that you made the right decisions!

No explanation needed.

Sending you all the extra love today,


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