How I Use Journaling To Calm My Anxiety + Life Update!

How I Use Journaling To Calm My Anxiety + Life Update!

My life has sort of been a whirlwind of deep depression swirling with the most exciting time of my life. The way I’ve been calming my mind lately is through journaling. It may seem like a little overkill but I have two separate journals. One is my gratitude journal that I write in everyday, and the other is for anything and everything that I have on my mind.

More on gratitude here.

For those of you new to my blog, I’ll fill you in on a little secret. Just kidding, it’s totally not a secret and I’ve become quite comfortable talking about it.

I have depression with the occasional spurts of anxiety. I’ve had diagnosed depression now for quite a few years but it started quite early in my life. I’ve been on and off depression medication for a few years now and now my doctor and I are experimenting with an added medication.

My gratitude journal helps me find the beautiful in everyday.

In the beginning when I started writing in my gratitude journal it was difficult to find my three things to be grateful for. Now that I’ve been consistently writing all year I’m unable to keep my list of three.

It actually makes me feel so good writing in  it that I write in it numerous times a day and my list is much longer these days.

Some days it look like this:

  1. I woke up today.
  2. I took a shower today.
  3. I didn’t die.

And other days it goes on and on about the wonderful things in my life!

My other journal is for the ugly and the troubles and the anxiety.

I start by writing whatever is on my mind, no matter how difficult, confusing or troublesome it is. I explain my feelings, what’s going on in my day, and my solution for the problem.

Easy right?

Sometimes it doesn’t fix the problem but I sure as hell feel better afterwards.

Added benefits of journaling that I’ve found:

  1. Anxiety is lower because I organize my thoughts onto paper and it slows me down.
  2. Since I’m slowing down and writing it, I understand my feelings much more.
  3. I become my own counselor at the end of my journal entry because I really do want to improve my life.
  4. I’m much more conscious of the beautiful things in my life.
  5. I complain a lot less. Therefore my depression is less debilitating.
  6. I’m less forgetful of dates and upcoming events.

Are you still curious about my life update?

I got engaged! That’s right, I’m going to marry my best friend/soul mate/partner in crime! He proposed to me on September 23rd, and I have been totally consumed by love, excitement and planning since then!

I’m also flying to see my best friend in Oregon so I can go wedding dress shopping! It’s going to be amazing and fun and I can’t wait!

That’s why I’ve been so distant lately! Will you forgive me?

I knew you would!

Please let me know if you like these life updates because if you do, I will do so!

Cheers friends and have a wonderful Monday!

2 Replies to “How I Use Journaling To Calm My Anxiety + Life Update!”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I just discovered you this morning and it was perfect timing!!! I needed and live that you are real and that you share your life. I think it is so important in order to connect and further help/inspire others. Thank you and keep up the good work on yourself and online.

    1. Thank you Laura! I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts AND comment! It’s really wonderful how things just fall into our laps when we need it huh? 🙂

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