Declutter Your Life, Ease Your Anxiety

Declutter Your Life, Ease Your Anxiety

Declutter Your Life: Ease Your Anxiety


An excess amount of clutter in your life will leave you overwhelmed, disorganized, and anxious. You will be far more productive with a clean, minimal slate.

Decluttering your life will ease stress and leave you much more room to focus on what’s important in life. And there’s more than just your closet that needs a little cleansing!

Flush it out and start fresh my friends! Quality is far more important than quantity.

What should we declutter?

Social media

Is Facebook no longer serving you? Delete it. Don’t force yourself to stay connected on your accounts if it gives you anxiety. Many people have chosen to purge their social media and it’s served them well.

And if you still want to stay connected,  unfriend and unfollow all the hateful, useless content on your accounts! Flush out the bad and only follow the quality.

Friends list

And I don’t just mean your Facebook account! I mean, you should purge your life of all your physical fake friends. I got rid of a ton of shitty friends about a few years ago and I would never take back that decision.

At first I started some serious upheaval in my friend group because I just laid everything out on the table, but I was brutally honest and it was worth it.

I had no use or energy for drama anymore. Let that shit go and wave your anxiety goodbye.

Declutter your unhealthy mindset

Stop the negative talk, and practice the positive self talk. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Unhealthy habits

You know what these are. Stop the crash dieting, the addictions, and everything else that doesn’t serve you. If you’re one of those people who punishes yourself for eating a “bad” meal, stop.

Learn healthy habits so you can grow into the wonderful individual you are.

Declutter your life and ease your anxiety. Stop trying to please people who don’t matter to you. Your anxiety will melt away and you can focus your energy on what’s important. Quality of life.

Quality of life, my friends.


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