25 Lessons Learned In 25 Years

25 Lessons Learned In 25 Years

Holy crap! Can you believe that I’m already a quarter of a century old? I’m sort of torn about it, but I’m definitely excited!

On one hand, I feel like an adult. I’ve felt like a responsible adult for a long time. I pay bills, I keep my dogs and plants alive, I know how to cook, and I do my own taxes. These are all pretty adult things, yeah?

On the other hand I still feel like a child. Not because I rely on my parents to make my lunch or do my laundry, but because adulthood takes me by surprise sometimes.

Why being an adult is surprising

For example, it surprises me that I’m capable of having children. Like, I’m ready physically AND emotionally. Weird. I’m at a point in my life where I believe I would be a good parent, and that’s the most difficult job in the world sooo… That’s kind of a big deal.

I’m capable of buying a house and it’s crazy exciting! (This year I’m buying a house, YAAAS!)

Dreaming versus Doing

Life makes a switch when you actually experience something versus fantasize about it. You see that thing in a whole new light. Like getting a new puppy, owning a house, getting married, and having children.

All of a sudden I’m a adult…like my parents? They’re definitely adults. Capable, hardworking, successful and responsible. Although I’ve done well so far, there is so much more to learn and experience.

I guess that means you never stop learning. Which also means I’m going to make more mistakes, learn from them, and continue to seek guidance from my parents…

Now! On to the good stuff.

25 Lessons Learned In 25 Years

25 Lessons Learned In 25 Years

  1. You’ll regret avoiding your bills. Just pay that shit.
  2. Electricity is expensive. Dad was right. Put on more clothes or run around the house a few times.
  3. The world owes you nothing. Working hard is the only way.
  4. Building credit ASAP is important. Confusing at 18, but important.
  5. You’re never too old to start something new.
  6. Mistakes and failures are lessons, not the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes.
  7. Cherish all positive relationships in your life. Plant them, water them, and let them bloom.
  8. Forgive people and purge toxic relationships. Life is too damn short for that shit.
  9. You’ll never be fully ready for anything, so just go for it.
  10. The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.
  11. Life goes by faster as you get older.
  12. Every day is a new opportunity and something to be grateful for.
  13. Mental illness isn’t a life sentence. You are not what happened to you.
  14. Happiness is achievable. You have to work for it, because it doesn’t just fall in your lap.
  15. Let go of what you can’t control, you’ll only stress yourself out.
  16. Change is inevitable, embrace that shit. In yourself and others.
  17. Go to the doctor, dentist and eye doctor regularly. It could save your life.
  18. Appearance isn’t everything. How you treat yourself and others is far more important.
  19. Other women are not your competition, the patriarchy is.
  20. If you bleach your hair, accept the consequences.
  21. Money isn’t everything. Happiness is.
  22. Self care first. Everything else second.
  23. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to your best friend. You wouldn’t be a dick to them, so why be that way to yourself?
  24. Gratitude is a sure way to happiness. Practice it all the time.
  25. Losing your temper and being a dick won’t get you anywhere. What you put into the world is what you get back.

There you have it. I’ve compiled the 25 most important lessons I’ve learned in my time on this earth. You’re welcome.

Have I missed anything?

What’s most important to you?

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