How To De-Stress Your Morning

How To De-Stress Your Morning

Happy “back to work and back to real life”! Now that the holidays are over, and everyone has done their turn of the year celebrating, it’s time to get back to business. Let’s de-stress our mornings!

How To Destress Your Mornings!

Have any of you had a difficult time getting started this year? I know that I have! To be fair though, I was battling a nasty cold until the 5th so…

Here are some tips I’ve complied to help you de-stress your morning. These tips will better prepare you for the morning, and in turn will make your day run a little smoother.

Read on my busy bee’s!

Prepare your clothes for the next day

To make an easy transition into the morning, you’ll need to be prepared. The less thinking you have to do in the morning, the better! Am I right?

Start the night before by setting out your work clothes for the next day. This way you won’t be scrambling around for matched socks, the “right” outfit, and give you some extra time for that coffee you’re so eager to drink. I know you are!

Try overnight breakfast recipes

I’m guessing that many of you (just like me) tend to skip breakfast in the morning. Eek! You know it’s the most important meal of the day! You’ll never have to starve until lunch time again if you abide by this little rule.

You have two options. You can prep a little something like a banana, an apple, or a muffin. Or you can try an overnight recipe!

They work like this:

You pour the wet and dry ingredients into a mason jar, stir it, and let it sit in the fridge overnight! It’s as simple as that and ready to devour!

There are a few different options that include: rice pudding, chia seeds, oatmeal, etc. You can really customize this to your tastebuds so get creative!

Check out this recipe here.

Prep your lunch

While you’re making dinner the night before, make twice as much as you need so that way you can designate half of it for lunch the next day!

My boyfriend and I do this, and it works wonders for saving time, destressing our morning, and not to mention…saving money! We make dinner, and separate it into four parts. Two for dinner, and two in containers for lunch the next day. Easy peasy!

Set a timer on your coffee

If you have one of those fancy coffee machines that allows you to set a schedule, use it! It’s easy! Prep the coffee maker the night before, and when the time is right, it’ll start brewing itself.

This way, you never forget your coffee, and you’re not late to work because you’ve been waiting for your coffee to brew!

Make a designated spot for your keys and essentials

The best place to leave your keys is by the door. Buy or make a little key rack so that you always know where your keys are. Maybe add a little bowl on a table next to it for your wallet, watch, chapstick and to go comb?

You’ll never forget anything, and you’ll save time by never having to search for your keys. Because who doesn’t lose their keys? People who have a place for them! 🙂

Go to bed early

Easier said than done, but hear me out. The more sleep you have the night before, the less stressed you’ll be the next day. Simple.

You wake up on time, you’re not rushing around, therefore you’re less stressed.

Wake up at the same time everyday

To make the previous step easier, go to bed at the same time everyday.

I’ll be honest with you, I almost never do this. What I do know though, is that it’ll help you keep a healthy sleep schedule.

I promise to try if you do! 🙂 It’s actually one of my goals for this year, so I am trying!

Create a commuter playlist

One of the most stressful morning to-do’s for everyone, is the commute to work.

Ugh. The traffic, the assholes cutting you off, the shitty playlist on the radio that you’ve heard a million times…

Do yourself a favor and make your commute a happy one! Make yourself a playlist that will get you started for the day and rock that shit until you get to work! I’m a huge fan of Otis Redding in the morning! 🙂

I’m always that person you laugh at in the car next to you… You know that wild woman screaming her favorite songs in the car? That’s me, and I have no shame.

You know what’s really awesome about this? I know that I’ve improved other people’s commutes by making them laugh and loosen up while they’re in traffic. This one time, some obviously frustrated guy looks over at me enjoying myself and singing in the car, and he couldn’t help but laugh at me and smile. He waved and drove on smiling.

Have no shame and sing in the car! 

Do you have any stories like that?

Try these tips and tell me how it goes!

Share with me in the comments!


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