10 Lessons Learned in 2017

10 Lessons Learned in 2017

10 of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year. This past year I’ve done a lot of growing and learning. I chose to make a complete 180 with my life to pursue my art and my writing, and it hasn’t let me down so far!

Take what I’ve learned this year so you can start out 2018 with an advantage!

10 Lessons Learned in 2017!

Working from home is hard, so be prepared

I had this assumption that working from home would be easier than working somewhere else? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Since I’ve done both, I can say that working from home is far more difficult than working for someone else.

*more difficult BUT far more rewarding.

There is so much that goes into starting your own business, and it just blew my mind. I feel like half my time was spent simply learning, and how to successfully run a business.

Most importantly, you have to motivate yourself to get shit done. You have to learn from your failures and try harder next time.

What you put into the world is what you get back

I am a strong believer in this one. What you put into the world is what you get back. If you put love and compassion into the world, you’ll receive it back. On the reverse, if you put hate and envy into the world, you will be surrounded by envy and hate.

You need to give your body what it needs

Something that took me a long time to accept is giving my body what it needs. I’ve spent a lot of time battling my feelings, my hunger, my pains, and my fatigue.

If you’re one of those people who is the mother to everyone around you, let me tell you something. Neglecting your own health and happiness will be the death of you!

Your own health and happiness is crucial to you and those around you. DO NOT SLACK ON YOUR OWN SELF CARE.

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When you’re tired, rest, and when you’re hungry, eat. When you can’t take anymore socializing, go make a nest in your room and hide from the world. Oh! You’re sick? Take care of yourself. Don’t power through life like you’re Superman, because you’ll eventually turn into the Hulk. Notice I didn’t say Bruce Banner. *wink*

Setting goals is how you move forward and feel accomplished

Setting goals for myself this year has been my motivation to move forward and accomplish things I wanted to accomplish. For a while in the beginning of the year I felt as if I was just floating in the wind hoping something good would happen.

I had a dream, but no direction. A dream is just a dream if you don’t take the necessary steps to get there. What makes a dream a goal, are the steps.

Something that is really rewarding for me, is checking something off a list. Especially if it’s something big, like my first craft show for example. For many people, it’s just a craft show. For me, I worked hard and spent many hours preparing for that craft show. It feels good to check those off the list!

This brings me to my next lesson.

Great accomplishments take time

The society we live in today promotes fast success and instant gratification. Well, as much as those words are thrown around…they’re not entirely true.

The people who are successful are the ones who work really hard…all the time. Every big company started somewhere small, and it took a lot of time to get to where they are now.

I need to remind myself all the time that what I’m trying to accomplish takes time.

The difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful…is when they give up. Successful people don’t give up no matter how many times they fail.

That’s the difference.

For your sanity, set boundaries

Do you have that family member or friend that just sucks the life out of you? No matter how excited you are about life, all they do is bring down the party with their bad vibes?

Set boundaries with those people. It can be a mindful choice of your own, or you can talk to them about it openly.

Keep them at whatever distance feels the best for you. If you live with these people, make sure that you have certain guidelines that will keep you happy too. For example, set a designated space for yourself that you cannot be interrupted in.

That’s what I do. I live with two children and if I didn’t set boundaries, I would never get anything done. So, I manage a balance between giving them attention and being alone. You know, because I’m not a heartless bitch, but I also have a business to run.

Pick your tribe wisely

Cleanse yourself of all the toxic people in your life, and spend your time with people who care about you.

Choose people for your tribe that bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with a tribe who will push you to be your best self.

The people you surround yourself with are a reflection of yourself. Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? Make decisions about friends based on these questions.

Organization and routine are life

Keeping myself on track was a huge priority for me, and the only way to accomplish that is to be organized and keep a routine.

Once I created a reasonable routine for myself, my life became more clear. I had direction and organizing my life helped me stay a little less anxiety free.

Battling mental illness is a lifelong struggle, but you’re not stuck

I’ll be honest, mental illness sucks sometimes. The only thing you can do is try to improve yourself. The harsh truth is that you have to put in the effort to get better.

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Mental illness is not something to be taken lightly, and I respect anyone struggling with it. What I know about mine is that the more effort I put in, the happier I become. Once you learn what works best for you, stick to that and keep working.

Many treatments for mental illness are trial and error. The medication, the therapy, the practice, the homework… Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a quick and easy fix right away. Not every treatment is going to work for you so give yourself the time to search for what’s right.

All good things take time, and your mental health is absolutely worth it.

Happiness is achievable if you put the work in

If you’re like me, and you weren’t just born as a Sally sunshine, then keep reading. Happiness is something you choose, and it’s something you work for. It doesn’t just happen.

If you want to be happy, you have to work for it. One of my biggest pieces of advice I could give anyone is to learn gratitude. So incredibly important that I’ve written a few posts about it!

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And I’ll continue to do so until everyone is happy!


What have you learned in 2017?

Share with me in the comments!



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