3 Reasons Why You Should Give A Damn About Your Mental Health

Mental Health

3 Reasons You Should Give A Damn About Your Mental Health

Mental health is important? We don’t just have to work out and eat right to be healthy?

You should give a damn because mental illness is really common!

1 in 5 adults in the United States have a mental illness of some sort. That’s over 43 million people!

Think about your five closest friends, or your five closest family members. One of them is bound to have some form of mental illness.

We care don’t we, and we have compassion for these people.

These people need a little love and attention. So why don’t we give them some?

Would you agree that we should do something about this?

I don’t know about you, but I believe this should be a higher priority than it is currently.

Consider these two situations:

1. When someone breaks their arm, we run to them with doctors and bandages!

2. When someone discloses that they have a mental disorder, we run away. Or maybe we ask a ton of personal questions out of our own curiosity. That’s not okay either, and it’s actually none of our business.

So if something so prevalent is raiding the streets of America, why don’t we do something about it?

Why are people so scared of what they don’t understand?

You should give a damn about mental health because it’s part of who you are!

People often forget that the mind is a huge part of who you are. Physical health is incredibly important, but it’s no more important than mental health. The two influence each other. Your body has the ability to change your mind, and your mind has the ability to change your body.

Haven’t you heard of those psychological studies where doctors convince patients that they had broken their arm when they were young?

I don’t have the study cited, but what I learned from it is pretty interesting.

Basically, these people never broke their arm, but they would eventually tell stories of breaking their arm, or feeling pain in said area because of the break. In other words, if you tell yourself something enough times, you’ll start believing it.

Have you ever encountered this situation? I have. Sometimes it’s not so humorous.

This is only one small example of how incredibly persuasive your mind can be. So what do we do with this information? We train our minds to work for us, and not against us.

Think happy thoughts 🙂

Being proactive about mental health could prevent larger issues.

Physical Health Holding Hands With Mental Health

Think about how you visit the doctor once a year. We do this because we care about our bodies. If something is wrong, we want to catch it before it spreads. We want to be in tiptop shape, because we understand how important it is.

Imagine seeing a mental health professional once a year. They check on you, ask how you’re doing, what’s new in your life. Maybe you disclose to them that some catastrophic event happened lately, and you’ve been struggling with it.

Maybe a loved one passed away, maybe you’ve lost your job, or maybe you’ve had a baby recently. All these are great reasons to talk to a professional. They have the skills and resources to help you along through the hard times.

What’s better than an objective advice giver, who really gives a damn about you?

Their whole job is to listen to you, and help you make the right decisions for yourself. You can’t say that about everyone in your life.

Health Professionals Over Friends

But Jordan, what about friends and family? They give me great advice, and I already trust them. Wouldn’t it be awkward if I talked to some random person about my issues?

This is important too! I want you to do this, and I want you to have those relationships with family and friends!

The difference between a mental health professional and a friend, is how they respond. A professional is trained and skilled in responding the correct way. They (should always) have an unbiased response that is in your best interest. Objectivity is key here people! They have less personal and emotional connection to the situation, and therefore should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Something that I would like to mention also, is that professionals see things we don’t. They are trained to see unhealthy habits, thoughts, and actions. They are also trained to help you change those negativity in your life to positivity.

Coming from personal experience, this is an entirely new world, but extremely helpful. Sometimes the people who are close to you don’t have an answer, or the right answer. This why you should trust a professional guide you to make good life decisions.

Mental health professionals are not there to solve your problems, and give you a quick fix. They are there to supply you with the tools to be a healthy, happy individual.

So go out there and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

What I want you to take away from this:

  • Understand how important your mental health is.
  • Love yourself, and take care of your mind, because it’s important.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

What are your thoughts?

How important is mental health to you?

Share your story with me! Don’t be afraid, this is an ENTIRELY JUDGMENT FREE ZONE!!!

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