Happiness-Boost With 1 Simple Step

Boost Your Happiness

Boost Your Happiness With 1 Simple Step!

Looking for something to improve your life? Searching for the solution to your happiness?

Guess what?

You already have it.

Yeah, it’s right there… Inside of you, and it always has been. Cool, right? Sometimes we just need a reminder of where to find it.

Sometimes we need a little boost of happiness to really make a great day. Let me show you how I boost my happiness.

Do this simple thing every day, just once a day, and I promise you things will change.

But Jordan, how?

Okay here we go!


Just kidding, I want you to share this with everyone.


Well damn, we’ve heard that before. Yawn.

No seriously, keep reading and I’ll share. This is what I do, and I’m happier because of it.

How To Boost Your Happiness (1 amazing step)

1. Name three good things that happened today, and share this with a loved one.

There is one rule: You cannot repeat anything that has been said already!

This gets fun when you’ve spent the whole day with someone!

BOOM. DONE. Keep reading.

I’ll elaborate. Recall three things that went well today. On great days, this is easy! On horrible days, it’s tough, but even on the bad days, you have something to be grateful for. This may be as simple as being grateful that you got out of bed today. Because you know what? That’s hard sometimes, and good for you, for getting out of bed!

Here are some examples.

Maybe you just received a promotion, or a baby was born.

Perhaps you got brunch at your favorite place today, and it was beyond delicious.

Maybe you got to spend time with your friend, and laughed…a lot.

Did you hit zero traffic on your way to work! Heck yes!

And maybe it’s as simple as waking up to your loved one, or your adorable fur baby.

I’ll write my three good things so it’s easier to picture in your mind.

My actual example today as I’m writing this.

1. I slept in today, because my body needed more rest, and it was amazing.

2. I do what I love, and I love what I do. Writing this post is really inspiring me and I hope you try this.

3. My adorable dog is sleeping on her back next to me with her feet in the air, dreaming.

Seems simple right? Well this works for a few reasons.

Why this works

  • You recall three things that made you happy, or went your way. This forces you to think of the great things that happened throughout the day. Reminding yourself of the good things will bring about good thoughts and feelings.
  • Saying this out loud with someone, and sharing that with them reinforces good thoughts. This is a positive bonding experience, and costs zero dollars. Extra points if you can make them do the same!
  • As mentioned before, every day has something good to be thankful for, even the bad days.
  • After this becomes habit for you, you will be searching for good things throughout the day to share with someone. You start seeing the good in the day, rather than letting the bad ruin your day.

My own testimony

I love doing this every night with my boyfriend. We both share, and it really lifts our spirits. This also starts great conversation about the positive things that happened that day. This is a good time to shower compliments and appreciation too! We do this at night before we go to sleep, and we end the day on a great note.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s crucial to do this on the bad days! It may seem hard to recall things that went your way, but I promise, it will help the day seem better. I often find myself laughing and finding the humor in things that didn’t go my way. Added bonus!

My best friend’s experience

I told this to my best friend once, and guess what?! My best friend does this too! Her and her boyfriend have a great routine, and it caught me by surprise! While visiting them last year, we sat down for dinner and it began. Every night they make dinner together. Before the eating begins, they share with the table their three good things. Then they dive into their delicious meal!

I almost cried because I was so happy that my simple little technique really improved their lives.

They told me that it helps them look for the good in every day. They also said that it really does help them feel happier.

So there you go!

One simple step to happiness!

Now wasn’t that worth reading?

It has completely changed my life, and I continue to do it to this day.

What to take away from today:

  • You always have something to be grateful for.
  • If you look for the good, you will find it.
  • So get out of your own way, and find happiness every day!

What are your three good things?

Share them with me!


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